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The CrossFit classes combine strength training, bodyweight movements, gymnastics skills, mobility work, and much more! The workouts change every day and your body will be challenged in ways you never thought were possible. Each workout is scaled to your fitness level so you can maximize results in each 60-minute class.
If you are looking to get started into your CrossFit journey we will take you through our “Elements” Beginners program.



Our Teens program is for 12-17 year-olds looking to improve overall health, receive general strength and conditioning for sports and achieve peak fitness. Led by a coach, this program builds confidence, power, strength and endurance. It is appropriate for the beginner to the elite student athlete. Sometimes are teens are allowed to attend regular classes with parents present if the teen can maturely follow directions and actively be part of the group.


Our Elements program provides people new to CrossFit an opportunity to get comfortable with CrossFit movements. This way new members are able to familiarize themselves with how their body moves, any restrictions they may have, and what their fitness level is. This ensures member safety and success as they begin to push themselves in regular classes. We have four Elements classes that everyone new to CrossFit is required to attend before we unleash you into the full schedule of classes.

3D Body Fat imaging

We use Naked Labs® 3Dbodyfat scanner because they believe that every human body has a story. We use 3D body scanning to show people how their bodies are changing over time in an objective and holistic way. This understanding helps them tie efforts to results and reach their goals — empowering them to write their own story.

Nutritional Counseling

You want to get healthy, get lean, get strong. Pick your what and work 1-on-1 with our expert team of nutrition coaches. Nutrition is crucial to both health and performance. Whether you need to establish a lifelong approach to food, want to improve your performance, or make changes to your body composition, our team of nutrition coaches will guide and support you to results you never thought possible.

Personal Training

Did you know that CrossFit Dartmouth offers world-class personal training? Our team works 1-on-1, in private sessions, with individuals to support their life, athletic, and longterm goals. Whether you have a rigorous job, need help with accountability or consistency, or have a specific athletic goal in mind, our trainers will hand make a program designed to fit your needs.

South Coast Barbell Club

The focus of our Olympic Lifting class is to improve your technical execution of the Snatch, Clean & Jerk and accessory lifts. This program is for ALL LEVELS from beginners who wish to fine-tune their technique all the way up to those who want to compete at local and national competitions.

Massage Therapy

We are blessed to have Structural Balance Orthopedic Massage in our Dartmouth location. You work and play hard, and sometimes you need a tune-up. Amanda Martin, OMT works with individuals to address complex physical issues, previous and current injuries, and long-term physical maintenance to empower them to grow as athletes. She specializes in orthopedic massage, deep tissue and soft tissue adhesion work. She uses a variety of tools to help make your massage more efficient from CBD oil and Hot Stones to Hawk Grips. All these healing tools and her expert experience with crossfitters will get you the exact treatment your body deserves. Move past your physical barriers and enjoy the optimal, pain-free performance.

What Is Your Goal?

Weight Loss & Toning

We train for a healthy “whole life”. We train in a very specific range of intensity and heart rate that elevates our metabolism faster, higher and longer, even well after you have gone home and hit the showers. Even better, with our nutritional guidance we can activate your fat as fuel at a much higher rate than traditional training while still maintaining strength and muscle mass.

We educate our athletes in healthy, sustainable eating habits not diets. We believe in real food and plenty of it. It’s just a side benefit that most high quality food is nutrient dense. Imagine an eating plan where you don’t have to trick or deny yourself, instead you just ENJOY FOOD!

We train for health and performance and get to reap the rewards of a new lean and strong body. If you have a special situation or questions in general, please contact us, we are ready to help.

Strength and Muscle Gain

Our workouts regularly include a heavy multi joint functional movements. Moving heavy skeletal loads increase the production of the hormones that keep us young, build strong bones and strengthens connective tissues. This makes strength training vital for men and women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond, and not give up on feeling vigorous and capable.

Athletic Performance

Athletic performance in sports has become more and more specialized and this created an unintended consequence. Our bodies are a system of systems that require varied and constant stimulus. Often specialized training neglects the basics of athletic movement of power generated at the core and transferred to the extremity.

Ever met a natural athlete? You know the person that picks up a sport after just a few tries. It’s not an accident that most of the greatest athletes were multi-sport athletes. Their sport didn’t make them great athletes, being a great athlete allowed them to excel at their sport.

This is why GPP (General Purpose Physical) training aka CrossFit in the off season produces outsized results later during sport specific training. The gains in baseline strength and efficient movement at speed with a high heart rate create a foundation that the athlete can build on while developing fine motor skills specific to their sport.

We have elite Crossfit athletes, trained collegiate scholarship athletes and high school level athletes in several sports. We can slightly modify our CrossFit program to help prepare specific areas of interest for a impact sport vs an endurance sport, but our core belief remains the same; developing the athlete to their true genetic potential will get them further to their sports goals.

Health & Longevity

Longevity (n): [lon-jev-i-tee] Lengthy duration of individual life. For some individuals, the desire of longevity gives them motivation to exercise regularly and eat healthy. CrossFit prioritizes health and fitness encouraging people to participate, to improve both the length and quality of life.

Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit puts it this way (paraphrased): if you had a scale, with pathological (sick) at it’s left, well in the middle and fit at the right. Since “well” sits between “fit” and “sick”, (think of chronic illnesses, not the flu), you have to pass through “well” before you ever get to “sick”. So the longer you can stay fit, the longer you stave off many pathological conditions.

50 and Over Fitness

CrossFit is for everyone. The workouts can be scaled for each person’s abilities. Age isn’t a factor, and quality of life may very well improve the older a person gets! Based on some basic research, CrossFit is for you!

  • Strength training promotes healthy longevity, even in people with hip fractures.
  • The stronger your grip, the longer you live (even if you’re overweight).
  • The more lean mass you carry, the better you’ll survive injuries and disease.
  • The more briskly you walk, the lower your mortality risk.
  • The more functionally capable you are, the longer you’ll stick around.
  • In heart failure patients, a combo of endurance and resistance training is better for long term outlook than just endurance training.

Sound familiar? Between all the deadlifts, the squats, the box jumps, the multi-modal development of fitness across multiple energy pathways, the muscle endurance, and the strength, CrossFit appears to support all the pro-longevity factors listed above!

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